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Don't carry on the shoulder all right.However, your wife and daughters will be sold to arrive non- state to be a prostitute.Was too cruelty?To, this recruits still you to teach mine.I feel quite good to use, do you feel?"
The snake skin facial expression scare looking at Zhang Sheng and stiffly orders to nod.
Waiting until will rehabilitate affairs to finish making.Zhang Sheng dialed a leaf for autumn of cellular phone, say with a smile:"Congratulating a leaf on is little, you will be a new Yan city underground order great king.Of so please you, is want to let your witness you ground honor."
"It is quite good."The autumn of the leaf applauds of say.
"Hope today this drama didn't can make the leaf little disappointment.Sanyi helps, now is leaf Be getting less."
"Just, seven Ye there------"
"I know.He someone's on the side BE?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"BE.And the position is very remarkable."Zhang Sheng very carefully makes collective report a way.
"H'm.You chase nether of matter processing good become."The autumn of the leaf says.Who is the backstage of seven Yes to control, he will check clear.
"Step aside.Step aside.The police handles a case."The autumn of the leaf just while talking on the phone, after death and suddenly ring out a chemisette to suddenly and violently drink a voice.
The autumn of the leaf is used once the canthus sweep and shrink neck for the shrinking of subconscious.Being really a hatred house road is narrow.That and oneself once had the number the good luck ground of the noodles white soft don't know how from the crystal temple in hurtled out.
The white is soft to have a friend to lead a birthday tonight, a group of persons then arrived at a crystal temple to want a reserved box to sing.The white is soft to be not good at long sing, be urgently forced by the friend, prepared to run to the bathroom to hide for a while.The speaking about voice that heard several individuals in doorway in the toilet just knows that the outside took place underworld to gather many phenomenon of causing troubles.
Too late say "hello" with friend, the white is soft simultaneously make a phone call to call a bureau inside, simultaneously run over there to the violent street.
When he sees dense crowd of outside, not from of pouring and absorbing one mouthful air conditioner.
This is afraid is have the quite a few 100 people, do they exactly want to do what?
The white is soft although excite,also know this time oneself power list the dint is thin.They since can come together here and prove that they necessarily have to lean on, oneself rushes out went to and can have what use?
Capture 1?Or 2?
"Guo Ju, violent street occurrence the underworld come together image, the number reaches to several hundred people-----BE withdrawing, claim support-------"
While being soft to talk on the phone, the white feels that flank's hasing a men has been being lookinging at himself/herself.After hanging a telephone, was one Piao to the left side, see a face for acquainting with.
The white soft eyebrows picked to pick,is this guy a disaster star?How to take place to fight the affairs that the Dou beats each time he at nearby?
"What do you do here?"The white soft spirit is blunt blunt of ask a way.
"It is similar to them."The autumn of the leaf points an other to join a crowd for fun a ground of person to say.
"Hum.Hope this matter didn't relate to with you."The white is soft cold to hum to say.
"Young lady.I know you some to me misunderstandings.But you not ability the whole day descend allly the crimes all go toward my body to up push?"Leaf the autumn Song shrug Bang.Helplessly say.
"Is that you do ground.I can't light Rao.Isn't that you do ground.I can't wrong you, either."The white was soft to grope for on the waist a burst of.Just think of to take part in a friend today ground birthday party.Basically connect to go together with guns don't take.
"How?Be getting more frightened?"The leaf sees her to the autumn hesitant ground appearance.Make fun to say.
"Play trick.Will the police fear these underworlds?"The autumn that the white was soft to despise ground to sweep a leaf is one eye.Bit to grind teeth.To just blunt in the middle of scattering and leaving a ground of crowd past.
The leaf autumn is one Leng.Unexpectedly this woman cans not stands so to arouse and also really rushed out to go to.
With one enemy 100, isn't she afraid to suffer a los?
Saying isn't nervous, that is bogus.The white is soft although is that was engaged in work ground the old police for several years, but a person alone face so big-like in shape still keep once seeing for the first time.

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