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Tang Guo says.Was like to contain one mouth sand in mouth, being different from of orotund dried up appearance.Even, she doesn't know she's words, she has to hear.
"H'm."Chen Mo Nong lightly nods.
Then is long-term silent.Who all afraid that oneself's easily opening mouth will touch to run into the topic that should curse.
Blessing hospital in the sky closes to cloud mountain in the sky, according to mountain alongside water, the environment is very beautiful.
After empty mountain new rain, the weather late comes to autumn.There was a shower in the morning, the whole day blessing hospital to washed to rinse 1 time.
Chen Mo Nong and Tang Guos walk in the way of Lin Meng Xiao that the tall big oak constitutes.All don't know at say what.Seem to be previous intimate to have no on doing not return, 2 people in the center be like separated together high big decorous fence.
Carve in gypsum of before fairy be like, Tang Guo suddenly stopped down and stretched hand slightly touch a fairy be flushed clean skin by the rain water, mumbling say:"I think that you can't come."
"Why don't come?You are my younger sister."Chen Mo Nong says.
"But I-----"
"Liked a fruit fruit, you didn't want to be getting more self-reproach again.This period of time I also thought a lot, the problem like that really was too difficult to solve to you.Even if is other anyones, will frighten into inaction."Chen Mo Nong comes forward the shoulder of hugging Tang Guo, light tone consolation way.
"I also want that pretending is inattentive.Can it is like a sting.Every day the card is in my throat, cannot swallow and vomit not to come out.I am really very tired."Tang Guo Yu takes to cry sound ground to say.In the mind but is happy and matchless.The Mo thick elder sister didn't abandon her." Yesterday, the leaf autumn also left from the Tang."
"Fruit fruit, he not because of woulding not° until avoid you leave of.He wants very importantly a matter to want to do."Chen Mo Nong hurriedly explanation way.
"I know.I once asked him, we canned also make friend, and he promised.Thus ground result, have already prepared to think than me of be good friends with a lot of.I am very contented."Tang Guo once turns a face and looking at Chen Mo Nong pleasurablely sexual love to more add a charmingly feminine Qiao faced behind.Say:"Mo thick elder sister.I was an outsider now.Can wish you happy."
"Fruit fruit, you------"Chen Mo Nong's in the mind a surprised.Opened widely mouth.
"Mo thick elder sister, your relation I know.Know very early."Tang Guo in a soft voice says, Chen Mo Nong but if encounter a thunder.
Chen Mo Nong knows that Tang Guo likes a leaf an autumn, so she and after Su Hang body happened to relate to, the leaf's autumn's in the mind then has been having a knot.Feeling oneself is a third party to gain a place and rend away the man whom Tang Guo likes.
She repeats order a leaf for autumn, not is exposing 2 people's relation in Tang Guo's in front.2 people still keep keeping previous relation status.
Is Tang Guo how can anyone know?
She is how know already no longer importance.Importance of is Chen Mo Nong don't know how to explain to Tang Guo.
Isn't intentional?
Through can not stand temptation?
So of lend to connect her can not persuade by herself, again how can persuade Tang Guo?
Tang Guo sees the facial expression of Chen Mo Nong's deadly pale, once turn round a time to hold Chen Mo Nong's hand and says with a smile:"Mo thick elder sister, you don't have to be self-reproach.Feelings be from one and other false component.I clearly know you----You already so, I still betwixt cause disturbance, be not should be self-reproach more?"
"But you like first his, I-
Tang Guo noiselessly smiled.Say:"Mo thick elder sister.You so wisely woman.How on feelings ground matter also so careless?In feelings which will come first behind arrive?
Chen Mo Nong sighs 1.Say:"Fruit fruit.Later.We also return to blue apartment ground.That time.You can be similar to the past.Look for you to want happiness."
"What about you?How do you do?"The beginning of Tang Guo Yang.A face smiles idea ground to looking at Chen Mo Nong.
"Can see you and the treasure son is happily living.I have already satisfied very much."Chen Mo Nong slightly pokes aside this to live Tang Guo's eyes ground a wisp of show hair.The soft voice says.
Tang Guo Di's about to cry.The tears followed cheeks to flow out.Cover up head at Chen Mo thickly bosom.Tightly hug her ground body.
Tang Guo believes that Chen Mo Nong says a ground of words.She also always is do so ground.They aren't own sisters.But have own brother and sister's blood is thicker than water ground feelings.

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