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The head of Nao Nao in Li Yu:"The desire for tobacco went into action, and received a soldier Wang Long to hide a toilet to smoke."
Old Liao's springing up to shine on his head is malicious malicious a record to explode Li:"Smoke?Don't know tuberculosis these are three word is how to write of?Make me catch your truancy and smoke next time, that you died to settle."Hate iron not to become a steel, really want to press cigarette butt on his face, finally spirit shout that the ground endured.
It shrinks head to secretly complain of hard lot in Li Yu:"Mama of ah!Teacher Liao is more even violent than book hair."
"I certainly descend a few standards and behavior norm for you now, is dead to also want to obey finished.Study aspect, can not be late to cut class to leave early, the target temporarily decide divides on the average for the midterm at present above 60 cents, little penny I chop you a finger."
In Li Yu the bitterness wears face way:"Teacher Liao puts me a way out, my background is so weak, also have a month midterm, how may be in time for to learn so many?The words that divide 30 cents on the average I promise to complete a task."
Liao learns a soldier not to manage him and says:"I choose a person with better result to guide you as far as possible and inspect you, and make you studying the feedback every day to me."It interrupts in Li Yu:"Sending Anne is purely pure, her result is very good."Liao learns a soldier immediately after way:"Personal aspect of, can not smoke to drink K powder, dye hair, wear slippers to come to school to have a class.Live aspect, see parents all want loudly say hello each time, have to be more than 100 with the parents' dialogue every day, help another mother to do household chores is also as it should be.Don't this matter ever think to get by under false pretenses, I will make a phone call to inquire your father's mother."
It called in Li Yu:"Want me to deathlessly say hello with old twos?Killing me isn't dry."
"What?"Liao learned the soldier's face to in a twinkling change.
Old Liao's parents early die, often the regrets sighs to early exert a filial piety in under the knee, "the tree desire calms down but the breeze isn't only, the son desire keeps but doesn't treat in person", whenever think of these two words all and will be alone regretful very long, beg ratio ordinary people to the thirst of natural affection value get many, in all my life most for the being not a big crafty big bad Tu, but doing not know the generation of filial piety Ti of detestation.
"What do you call them?The repeating lets me listens to."Also disappear Liao to learn a soldier to there are any action and facial expression, but the temperature in the room suddenly becomes Yin cold.
Finally still kept feeling the obvious variety of teacher's attitude in"I, I call them as father mother ……" Li Yu, if said to just talk to still have the meaning that several cents play trick, now is to completely move true Nu, like a short moment of violent storm hurricane front quite, press he breathes heavily however annoy.
"H'm, " old Liao's facial expression has mitigation, " shine on I say of do.If complete well, I have reward."
Breath a sigh of relief in Li Yu, urgently and urgently ask a way:"What praise?Send an a red hibiscus still a fountain-pen and notebook?I don't want."
"Relax ……I am different from you to say so stupidly.Teach you how to fight, a personal list picks 34 people of that kind of fight a shot technique, a feet can kick the viscera of splitting the opponent, the one punch can beat his eyeball to burst ……"
Excitedly connect a way in Li Yu:"The slap can take out ground his mouthful tooth!Too like, teacher Liao, you must teach me!"
Old Liao lies to return to smoke again:"Certainly, the premise wants to obey me next reach of a few tasks, otherwise I will broke off your mouthful tooth first.Still have, yesterday that matter, you in mind dug an anti- to cover up into, don't say to the other people."
"I promise not to say and also let to receive a soldier, Wang Long and none of He Lian to say.I also in no case utter a word, even if the Xun leads strict Xing of director to beat up."Repeatedly nod in Li Yu, heart way:"Eat dirt first to do how many months good little boy like, waited to learn to fatally fight a shot technique, not just does the earth in the sky greatly allow me to roam about at pleasure?"
"Like, that keeps on taking me so, I want to discuss with your parents."
"Teacher, not that all right?My Mom and Dads are all dead brainses and doesn't really begin to understand of, my mama concerns medium sea City lately opened which cosmetics store, my daddy's opening mouth and shutting up is the turn in the calligraphy and hang up Na and five ten countries of Tang Zong Song Zus.You with they the affirmative nothing important say so much."Li Yu in only afraid the parents carry tales and ask for the teacher get angry to ascend a words of good dozen that miserably.

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