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tightly closing lightly lips one speech doesn't deliver.Chiu is big strange to soliloquize a way:" Is a petty thief?Don't go, I must seek the person of security section to go."
Liao learns a soldier cold sweat Die, if show outsider to arrive so bloody one act, teacher's career signs a horse to finish having fun, strong say with smile:"Chiu's director is me, I at in."
Chiu is big strange to stop feet, Nu way:"Teacher Liao, you don't check in in office and hide dry in the dormitory what?"
"My Yao ……" Liao learns once soldier's eye pupil turn and say:"Student in the class gets sick, I am visiting, does this have relation with you?You again irresponsible my test frequently, does the round get you to talk?"
"Did the student get sick?Open the door to make me go in and see quickly."Chiu is big strange to put out strength to push to push, the doorway is loose to move, immediately and tightly suppress, he is immediately understand in the there is someone behind crest of doorway write.Again careful on seeing, eldest brother of plank in the door a footprint, the wooden board unexpectedly gets stick in for several cents, immediately the loophole cluster livings, call way:"Liao learns a soldier!You at in make what title?Open the door quickly!"
"Chiu's director, here but the students personal space, 《 teacher's standard and behavior norm 》Article 179, respect the student's privacy, have you ever exactly once obeyed?"
"I this is routine to check building, see one eye walk, you guard a gate to open quickly, otherwise I have power doubt you personally intrudes into a student of the room plans lawless acts."Chiu is a bit big strange to be getting more impatient.
Hurriedly pack a voice of infirmity to say in Li Yu:"Chiu's director, I get a fever today, teacher Liao is in the light of the principle of caring and loving the student to call on me."
Now that teacher student all at, be limited by a his inconvenient and excessive responsibility of school rules to ask, then say:"The have a fever can go to a health center treatment and let the doctor give an itemized list of a proof then ask for leave, do you lie to in the dormitory ask for leave?So constituted a truancy, is not okay."Heart way:"The relation of teacher and pupil is so good, very suspicious!2 people's closing in the dormitory isn't willing to also open the door, might it not be Liao learns a soldier to have that kind of Pi good, the by all manners is a teacher for seducing a schoolboy?"
Present an appearance of fearfulness in brain:Liao learns a soldier to tightly hold the hand in Li Yu deep feeling to indefinitely say:" Medium, you have to convalesce, I will wait yours."Li Yu in say head the bosom that cover up into him:"Not, the somebody else wants now ……"
Chiu is big strange to more think to is more disgusted, vomit an one mouthful of spittle:"I still keep off the ground of this right and wrong quickly of well."
Liao learns a soldier if know his this dirty mind, must try very hard to with him can not, hear a step voice far after going, say:"Your black Long Tang can not become weather is because culture is too low, there is no character.Become your forbidden grounds from today's beginning circle lake road, if make you appear the lake road is at the circle and estimate leave a finger."
That person compensates a smiling face way:"Our culture is low, so we always at make great effort to absorb a student be member."
Liao learns a soldier to no longer want to teach him, listenning to this sentence is a palm past:"What students all prohibit to touch, this is my order.You this accepts student to be younger brother to nothing but want to extort them to want money for crafty pimp, those students are really also silly, hear an underworld concussion thousand times, even thrifty in food and expenses give you money, even the natural parents all have no this kind of good son."
Li Yu moderates to receive a soldier face up irritable of, teacher Liao's each words' seeming to be all is scolding he or she.
"The nothing important matter roll quickly."That person starts to hand Li Fei to walk, Liao learns a soldier the way is again:"To, is what book hair takes you come, this boy didn't make progress too much and was beaten yesterday so miserably still not long power of memory.Book hair, you come over to make my 100 grandpas put you to walk."
Chuckle 1 in Li Yu, make an effort to pull out to nail in the fruit knife on book hair wrist, say:"Book elder brother Mao, finish calling 100 grandpas of teacher Liao, still have to call my 100 fathers."Suddenly think of, teacher Liao is a grandpa, oneself is father, did that constantly become teacher Liao's son?Was dizzy with success to speak amiss words, temporarily blush up to the ears, luckily nobody attention.
Book hair wrist blood arrows violent wind, the hurried Wu lives, fulfiling the quota all of heads are the cold sweats of painfuls, looking at the fury blazing combustion in eye in Li Yu, waited to turn face facing Liao to learn a soldier again became to fear, Yi ah connect voice.

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