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Mama of, return is really a big Ye, only pin money is more many than me.The old Liao doesn't matter ground says with smile:"Since don't dare wager that even if."
"Wager!How not wager!Wager 5,000!"Everyone arose guts.Wang Long silently attaches ear to say to leaf Yu Hu:"Now that he so has self-confidence and waited we to want black feet and kicked to die he that breaks ball team."
Both parties calculate each other, Liao learns a soldier heart way:"Black super league match champion if kick not to win, money losing makes them help."
A group of people vastly and mightily arrives at a ground.Black super champion brigade the everyone Be foul atmosphere to to the utmost go, be like accept orthodox tradition education for decade, lovely must not ability again lovely kid, dressed up of blue grain the international Milan brigade brigade take and work hard on the half time to practice to spread ball.
The wager ball team in the mafia five win not in power pretty, not too pay attention to technique, as for say the feet method is delicate, will let enemy's brigade kick to break.Wang Long Yi sees the black super brigade spread ball to take ball nothing important composition also, not from roar with laughter:"Teacher What a humorous master!Intentionally send money for us to come."
"OK, that is to see a true chapter in the ground.Wang Long, what military tactics do you still need to say to the member of team?"
"Nothing important."Wang Long takes member of team to head for an another part ground.
Liao learns a soldier to walk to the black super member of team in the center, Li Qian temporary the job of generation leader of a group, a face fawns on ground to looking at him to say:"Elder brother Bing has what order?"
"This ball game do you have confidence to kick to win?"
"This ……" Li Qian hesitates to surmise a Cuo phrase, "once kicked with local occupation brigade last year a , 2-2 beat even.It is to have no problem to want to win, however now is elder brother Bing's student, we ……"
"To, all of them are my students, you can not hurt them and also need to kick to win.Won me to invite you to have a meal."
Way Li Qian doesn't dare to refuse, :"Promise to complete a task."The member of team who let nearby inform elder brother Bing's meaning with others.
"If lose, result need not I say, you also know."
Heart in the front and back of Lee delivers cool, the anus hair captain mixed in the underground wager ground for several years, body condition outstanding not in context of present discussion, but old Liao of on kicking a to trample, the in addition is five knives, thoroughly became physically disabled, this end is near at at present which!
He gingerly answers a way:"Elder brother Bing though you trust, we definitely win Piao beautiful bright."
The umpire is a lately- pleased athletics teacher, a Shao rings, leaf jade tiger in front kickoff, it is a just born cow Du to stand in no fear of a tiger to have a way, defend his black super member of team afraid harm elder brother Bing's student, temporarily irresolute, drive he once swayed a side road.
The leaf jade tiger is passing Li Yu to the ball, two black super member of team outflank and attack and come over, and the latter is a bit nervous, quickly spread ball to return to again.The leaf jade tiger calls a way:"Can't your mama lead a person?"Caught the ball to take to keep running, although many people are afraid elder brother Bing, but to student but don't put in the mind, run a bit idle, unexpectedly made him hurtle to forbid area.
Way before Lee:"Hold, dare to act boorishly in my site!"The feet spade of one side body dynasty leaf jade tiger goes and rings out a words in sudden brain:"Can not hurt my student."Rush adjustment direction, didn't touch his feet on the whole, didn't even touch ball.
"This rearguard how be, a don't make people be getting paster?Still say to is a black super champion brigade, level time order."Liao learns a soldier to see the at heart is very urgent, want to take off shoes to hurl.
All of Cui political views the other parties are persons about 20 years old, the age wants to be greatly than oneself up some, but the some time is little to full of animal spirits, the nature doesn't put this age margin in the eye and shout loudly a way:" Tiger!Shoot to die this to help old headman!"
The leaf jade tiger has no time to have regard for other people and jumps Li Qian and faces wicketkeeper formation broad sword to take to the heels desire to shoot.That wicketkeeper is greatly hasty, Liao of flash across in eye learns soldier ferocious smiling face and hard put to stir up a potential, with leaf the jade tiger still has far 45 meterses, unexpectedly fierce rushed toward in the past, the dead dead embraced the leg of leaf jade tiger not to make him raise feet to shoot ball at goal.

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